Sounds Great “Beautiful Life Series”


Wu Fung

About the Protagonist:
Wu Fung is born as Wu Gai Sau in 1932, now more generally known as Sau Gor (修哥). He joins the Tai Seng Film Company (大成影業公司) in 1953 and plays the leading roles in mostly romantic or musical films. His major works include Men’s Hearts (男人心) , My Intimate Partners (難兄難弟) and Green is the Grass (青青河邊草). From 1970s onwards, he starts to act in TV series, only making guest appearance in films occasionally. In 2003, he is awarded the Lifetime Achievement awards by the Television Broadcasts Limited.

Widely known as Sau Gor (修哥), Wu Fung has been acting in the industry for sixty years. In 1953, he gives up working for his family’s heritage business and auditions for Tai Seng Film Company (大成影業公司). Playing the leading role in his first film Men’s Hearts (男人心), Wu becomes the new leading Cantonese romantic and musical film star. Works with both passion and discipline, Wu has always been giving his best in every role he plays, enjoying the fun of acting. He is for sure a role model for the younger generations.

Chapter Synopsis:
Chapter 1 – A Charismatic Start
Where does his charm come from? Wu Fung volunteers himself at Tai Seng Film Company, and quickly becomes the uprising star on the screen. Never received any formal coaching, Wu teaches himself everything about acting and charms his starry career in his own way.

Chapter 2 – Charming on the screen
Acting with diversity, Wu successfully portrays the sensitivity of a man in The Charming Mini-skirt (拜倒迷你裙). Sau Gor is both passionate and skillful in dancing, justly nicknamed “Dancing King Sau” (舞王修).

Chapter 3 – The affectionate Fung
Acting in films after films, Sau Gor’s acting becomes more and more responsive as time goes by. His sentimental performance as a poor painter in Rose in Tears (含淚的玫瑰) moved numerous audience to tears.

Chapter 4 – A Prosperous life
Having charmed in the industry for sixty years, Sau Gor never ceases to work in the most disciplinary manner. He enjoys acting, at the same time treasuring every moment spent with his grandchildren; undoubtedly a golden and prosperous life he leads.