About Sounds Great


About Sounds Great

From a fishing village to a metropolitan city, the prosperity of Hong Kong has always relied on hard-working spirit and wisdom of its predecessors. James Wong, the late multi-media talent, vowed to preserve Hong Kong’s vocal treasures. Sounds Great Services Limited launches Sounds Great to fulfill Wong’s wishful thought. Sounds Great features Chinese literature classics, Cantonese opera, artists’ autobiographies and broadcast history. Greatest vocal talents proudly come together to preserve collective memories and make a new chapter of Hong Kong’s cultural history.

Although Sounds Great is not the first audio book in town, without a doubt we could claim it is the first audio book that “sounds great”. Numerous celebrities and vocal talents such as Tse Kwan-ho, Anthony Wong Chau-sang, Lo Hoi-pang, Ada Choi Siu-fun, Liu Kai-chi and Law Kar-ying participated in the recordings. The audio books come in stereo audio, bring the audience to experience the most beautiful and melting voices in Hong Kong.

The first phase of Sounds Great includes “Sounds of Chanticleers Series” (好聲殿堂系列), “Cantonese Opera Series” (好聲戲寶系列), “Beautiful Life Series” (好聲美麗人生系列) and “Jin Yong Series” (好聲金庸系列). 10 new books will be launched in July 2016, including the “Cantonese Opera Series”- Legend of Purple Hairpin(紫釵記) and “Jin Yong Series” – The Romance of the Condor Heroes (Book 1-5). Renowned artists share their musical and acting journeys in our brand new series “Music Series” (好聲音樂系列) – Alan Tam and Frances Yip and “Light and Shadow Series” (好聲光影系列) – Damian Lau and Gigi Wong.

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