Sounds Great “Cantonese Opera Series”


Never Say Goodbye

Sounds Great Docent : Law Kar-ying
Singers :
Zhou Shi Xian (周世顯) – Law Kar-ying‧Tse Kwok-cheung
Princess Chang Ping (長平公主) – Michelle Yim‧Susanna Cheng Wing-mui
Qing Emperor (清帝) – Lui Hung-kwong

Chapter 1,Scene 1 Oath Under the Twins Tree
Scene 2 Princess’ Sufferings
Chapter 2,Scene 3 Bearing For Princess’ Dead Body
Scene 4 Reunion at the Nunnery
Scene 5 Recognizing Each other
Chapter 3,Scene 6 Welcome Princess
Scene 7 Negotiating with the Qing Emperor
Chapter 4,Scene 8 The Fragrant Death

At the end of Ming Dynasty, Princess Chang Ping (長平公主) aged fifteen, becomes engaged with the son of a minister, Zhou Shi-xian (周世顯) with the King’s blessing. Unfortunately, very soon the Ming Dynasty is overthrown by Li Zi-cheng (李自成), and the Grand Palace quickly becomes occupied. Amid all these, Princess Chang Ping is rescued by Zhou Zhong (周鐘) . However, Zhou Zhong later wishes to surrender to the newly established Qing Dynasty, as a result, Princess Chang Ping has to disguise as a deceased nun to flee with the help from Zhou Zhong’s daughter – Hui Qing (慧清) and an old nun. One day, Zhou comes to the nunnery by accident and runs into the Princess. After several exchanges, the couple finally reunites. Knowing the Qing Emperor already heard of their story, Princess Chang Ping and Zhou pretend they are willing to return to the Palace, in exchange for the Emperor’s promise to bury the deceased Ming Emperor with dignity, and to free her brother. In the end, the couple exchanges vows under a tree in the Grand Palace, and commit suicide for their country.