Sounds Great “Cantonese Opera Series”


Legend of Purple Hairpin

In 2014, Sounds Great launched “Cantonese Opera Series”- Never Say Goodbye , one of the classics of playwright Tang Disheng. This year, another classic from Tang – Legend of Purple Hairpin is launched. In the book, veteran Cantonese Opera Artist Law Ka-ying not only sings excerpts, but also tells us the background of the play, introduces the synopsis and the relationship between the characters. In particular, Law explains how Jiang Fang and Tang Xianzu portray the character of Li Yi differently, giving the readers more in-depth knowledge on the whole play.

Law Ka-ying (羅家英), Tse Kwok-cheung (謝國璋) as Li Yi (李益)
Emily Chan (陳咏儀) as Huo Xiaoyu (霍小玉)
Alan Tam (譚穎倫) as Supreme Government Offical Lu (盧太尉)
Lui Hung-kwong (呂洪廣) as Swordsman in Yellow (黃衫客)