Sounds Great “Jin Yong Series”


The Legend of the Condor Heroes (Book 1): Shooting Eagles with Stretched Bow

Storyteller : Chip Tsao

Starring :
Gardner Tse Kwan-ho as Guo Jing (郭靖)
Cecilia Wong Hang-sau as Huang Rong(黃蓉)
Alice Lau Nga-lai as Mei Chao Feng (梅超風)
Fung Chi-fung as Qiu Chu-ji(丘處機)
Chow Chi-fai as Ke Zhen’e(柯鎮惡)
Benny Lau Wai-hang as Yang Kang (楊康)
Wang Wei as Yang Tie-xin(楊鐵心) / Zhu Cong (朱聰)

Chapter 1 – Monumental Changes amid the Wind and Snow
In the Song Dynasty, Jin armies invade Northern China, at a time when the Imperial court at Jiang Nan stagnates in growth and becomes corrupted with treacherous officials. One day, Jin armies attack the Niuja Village (牛家村) and forever changes the fate of the Yang and Guo families.
Chapter 2 – Twin Killers in the Dark Wind
By destiny, ‘’ Seven Freaks of Jiang Nan” (江南七怪) meet little Guo Jing (郭靖) in the desert of Mongolia. At the same time, the long gone ‘’Twin Killers in the Dark Wind ‘’(黑風雙煞) unexpectedly show up in the desert of Mongolia and bring about fatal and bloody fighting.

Chapter 3 – Shooting Eagles with Stretched Bow
Guo Jing grows up with “Six Freaks of Jiang Nan” as his mentors, teaching him martial arts in the Mongolian Desert. When he eventually grows up, Mei Chao-feng (梅超風) – one of the ” Twin Killers in the Dark Wind” reappeared with even greater skills; what will Guo Jing and his mentors do?

Chapter 4 – The Competition for Marriage
Guo Jing and his mentors leave Mongolia for Jiang Nan to fulfill the 18-years pact. In the journey, Guo Jing meets Huang Rong(黃蓉) . While Guo is honest and righteous, Huang is smart and lively, will romantic love trigger off between them?