Sounds Great “Jin Yong Series”


The Legend of the Condor Heroes (Book 3): The Eastern Heretic and Western Venom

Storyteller :  Chip Tsao

Starring :
Gardner Tse Kwan-ho    as  –  Guo Jing (郭靖)
Cecilia Wong Hang-sau    as  –  Huang Rong (黃蓉)
Bill Chan Shek-sau    as  –  Huang Yaoshi (黃藥師)
Natalis Chan Pak-cheung   as  – Ouyang Feng (歐陽鋒)
Teddy Robin   as  – Hong Qigong (洪七公)
Eric Kot Man-fai     as  – Zhou Botong (周伯通)
Benny Lau Wai-hang   as  –  Yang Kang (楊康)
Chow Chi-fai     as  –  Ke Zhen’e (柯鎮惡)

Chapter 9 – Three Examinations
Owner of the Peach Blossom Island (桃花島) Huang Yao-shi (黃藥師) decides to pick his son-in-law with three examinations, testing both the martial arts skills and intelligence of Guo Jing (郭靖) and Ouyang Ke (歐陽克). In the end, who will pass the examinations and return home with a wife as his trophy?

Chapter 10 – Falsify the Scripture
Guo Jing, Hong Qigong (洪七公) and the others are in distress at sea, but luckily they are rescued by “Western Venom” Ouyang Feng (「西毒」歐陽鋒). Nevertheless, it is plain to see Ouyang Feng will not miss the chance to get his fingers on the “The Nine Yin Manual ” (九陰真經).

Chapter 11 – The Gigantic Rock
An accident leads to the vanish of Guo Jing and Ouyang Feng in the sea, while Huang Rong (黃蓉), Ouyang Ke and Hong Qi-gong are left on a barren island seriously injured. Smart and cunning, what will Huang Rong do to protect herself from Ouyang Ke?

Chapter 12 – Healing in the Secret Chamber
After Guo Jing and the others get rid of Ouyang Feng, they diverted to Lin’an (臨安). On the way they are told that Wanyan Hong-lie (元顏洪烈) has just found important clues regarding “Wumu’s Will” (武穆遺書). In an effort to seize the note and save the Song Dynasty, Guo Jing becomes seriously injured!