Sounds Great “Jin Yong Series”


The Legend of the Condor Heroes (Book 5): The Battle on the Mount Hua

Storyteller :  Chip Tsao

Starring :
Gardner Tse Kwan-ho    as  –  Guo Jing (郭靖)
Cecilia Wong Hang-sau   as  –  Huang Rong (黃蓉)
Bill Chan Shek-sau    as  –  Huang Yao-shi (黃藥師)
Natalis Chan Pak-cheung  as  – Ouyang Feng (歐陽鋒)
Eric Kot Man-fai   as  – Zhou Bo-tong (周伯通)
Liu Kai-chi  as  – Reverend Yi-deng (一燈大師)
Teddy Robin  as  – Hong Qi-gong (洪七公)
Benny Lau Wai-hang  as  –  Yang Kang (楊康)
Leung Lai-kan   as  –  Mu Nian-ci (穆念慈)
Chow Chi-fai   as  –  Ke Zhen’e (柯鎮惡)
Fung Chi-fung  as  –  Qiu Chu-ji (丘處機)

Chapter 17 – Drastic Change on the Island
Five of Guo Jing (郭靖) ‘s mentors, “Six Freaks of Jiangnan” (江南六怪) , died unusually on Peach Blossom Island (桃花島). Guo Jing accuses Huang Yao-shi (黃藥師) as the murderer and decides to take revenge for the murder.

Chapter 18 – The Temple of Iron Spear
Huang Rong (黃蓉) takes Ke Zhen’e (柯鎮惡) to an old temple to cure his injury, where he learns of the truth of the slaughter in Niujia Village (牛家村) and the murder on the island; who accidentally leaks out the truth?

Chapter 19 – The Secret Mission
After Huang Rong is kidnapped by Ouyang Feng (歐陽鋒), Guo Jing looks for her everywhere and bumps into Genghis Khan (成吉思汗)’s army. After Genghis Khan wins the battle in the West, he appoints a secret mission to Guo Jing, ordering him to assist the Mongolian army to invade the Song Empire…

Chapter 20 – The Battle on the Mount Hua
With grievances in the brotherhood eventually get settled, the martial arts masters gather at the Mount Hua (華山) again to battle since they last met twenty years ago. This battle will decide who is the true Number-One martial arts master.