Sounds Great “Jin Yong Series”


The Legend of The Condor Heroes (Book 4): The Iron Palm Peak

Storyteller:  Chip Tsao

Gardner Tse Kwan-ho as  –  Guo Jing (郭靖)
Cecilia Wong Hang-sau    as  –  Huang Rong(黃蓉)
Bill Chan Shek-sau  as  –  Huang Yao-shi(黃藥師)
Natalis Chan Pak-cheung   as  – Ouyang Feng(歐陽鋒)
Liu Kai-chi   as  – Reverend Yi-deng(一燈大師)
Alice Lau Nga-lai  as  –  Mei Chao-feng (梅超風)
Benny Lau Wai-hang  as  –  Yang Kang (楊康)
Leung Lai-kan  as  –  Mu Nian-ci(穆念慈)
Chow Chi-fai  as  –  Ke Zhen’e(柯鎮惡)
Fung Chi-fung   as  –  Ouyang Ke(歐陽克)/ Qiu Chu-ji(丘處機)

Chapter 13 – Niujia Village
Guo Jing (郭靖) and Huang Rong (黃蓉) spend 7 days in a secret chamber at Niujia Village (牛家村) for recovery from injuries. Within the seven days, Guo Jing and Huang Rong witness all kinds of grievances and resentments in the brotherhood, as well as a deadly slaughter through the little window on the door.

Chapter 14 – New Chief of Baggers’ Sect
To fulfill her duty as the new chief of the Baggers’ Sect (丐幫), Huang Rong makes her way to the annual meeting. However, the relic of the Baggers’ Sect – the Dog Beating Stick (打狗棒), has been stolen by Yang Kang (楊康), what would Huang Rong do to prove to the others that she is in fact the new Chief?

Chapter 15 – The Iron Palm Peak
Guo Jing and Huang Rong reach the Iron Palm Peak (鐵掌山), where they find out the secret of the Iron Palm Sect (鐵掌幫) and Huang Rong becomes seriously injured from the fight with Qiu Qian-ren (裘千仞). In the end, how will they flee from danger and how will Guo Jing save Huang Rong?

Chapter 16 – Reverend Yi-deng
Following Liu Ying (劉瑛 / 瑛姑) ’s suggestion, Guo Jing and Huang Rong go visit the Reverend Yi-deng (一燈大師) , who is in fact the famous “Southern Emperor” (「南帝」). Little known is that his has lived a life full of trouble and misfortune…