Sounds Great “Jin Yong Series”


The Romance of the Condor Heroes (Book 3): The Secluded Passionless Valley

Storyteller : Chip Tsao (陶傑)
Louis Koo (古天樂) as Yang Guo (楊過)
Carmen Lee (李若彤) as Xiao Longnu (小龍女)
Gardner Tse (謝君豪) as Guo Jing (郭靖)
Cecilia Wong (黃杏秀) as Huang Rong(黃蓉)
Eric Kot (葛民輝) as Zhou Botong (周伯通)
Ng Ka Leung(吳家良) as Jinlun Fawang(金輪法王)
Wong Yee Ting(王綺婷) as Guo Fu / Gongsun Lue(郭芙/公孫綠萼)
Tang Kit Lai(鄧潔麗) as Qiu Qianchi (裘千尺)
Lee Ka Fai(李家輝) as Gongsun Zhi (公孫止)

Yang Guo found out that Guo Jing and Huang Rong were the one who killed his father, thus he decided to take revenge on them. However, Yang Guo was too weak to compete with Guo Jing, so he approached Jinlun Fawang to help him……