Sounds Great “Jin Yong Series”


The Book and The Sword (Book 1)

Storyteller: Fung Chi Fung 馮志豐
Gordan Lam Ka Tung林家棟 as Chen Jialuo陳家洛
Chip Tsao陶  傑 as Qianlong Emperor乾隆
Bill Chan Shek Sau石  修 as Wen Tailai文泰來
Vinci Wong Yin Chi王賢誌 as Yu Yutong余魚同
Vincent Wong Yin Shun王賢訊 as Xu Tianhong徐天宏
Lawrence Cheng Tan Shui鄭丹瑞 as Lu Feiqin陸菲青
Frederick Ma Si Hang馬時亨 as Effendi阿凡提
Natalis Chan Pak Cheung陳百祥 as Chen Zhengde陳正德
Brian Yuen Chung Yeung阮頌揚 as Xinyan心硯

Maggie Shiu Mei Kei邵美琪 as Huoqingtong霍青桐
Stephy Tang Lai Yan鄧麗欣 as Princess Fragrance (Kasili)香香公主(喀絲麗)
Anne Heung Hoi Lam向海嵐 as Luo Bing駱冰
Sandy Lau Sin Ting劉倩婷 as Li Yuanzhi李沅芷
Rebecca Chan Hoi Yan陳凱欣 as Zhou Qi周綺
Simon Ngai Ping Long倪秉郎 as Zhang Zhaozhong張召重
Justin Chiu Kwok Hung趙國雄 as Yuan Shixiao袁士霄
Cecilia Wong Hang Sau黃杏秀 as Guan Mingmei關明梅
Jason Yau Yat Hei邱日希 as Zhou Yingjie周英傑

Senior Citizen Home Safety Association – Silver DJ:
Tam King Yeung譚景洋 as Taoist Wuchen無塵道長/童兆和
Tsoi Wei Ling蔡蕙玲 as Zhou Zhongying’s wife周大奶奶
Lau Nan Hing劉蘭卿 as Ruifang瑞芳

Visually Impaired Participants:
Tam Tak Ming譚達明 as Wan Qinglan萬慶瀾
Ho Yui Chi何睿知 as Muslim/Messanger回人/使者

During the Qianlong Emperor period of the Qing dynasty, Chen Jialuo, a young hero of an anti-Qing government organization, The Red Flower Society, newly became the top leader. Meanwhile, the Emperor sent his men to ambush and arrest Wen Tailai, the fourth leader of the Society, for preventing him from disclosing the secret of the Emperor’s origin. Wen temporally hid in the Iron Courage Manor. Therefore, Chen led the heroes of the Society to rescue him. On the way, Chen met Huoqingtong, who was recovering a holy artifact, the Quran, with her Islamic tribe. Chen helped Huoqintong a lot in the battles with the Six Devils of Guandong and the Qing forces. The seed of love sowed among the two.

When the heroes arrived at the Iron Courage Manor, they entered into a fight with people there due to a misunderstanding. Luckily, they clarified the misunderstanding soon and became allies. The daughter of Manor owner, Zhou Qi, even fell in love with Xu Tianhong, one hero of the Society.