Sounds Great “Beautiful Life Series”


Nam Hung

About the Protagonist:
So Shook Mei (蘇淑媚), a veteran Hong Kong actress who is widely known as Nam Hung (南紅). Nam Hung learnt Cantonese opera when she was young and became Hung Sin-nui (紅線女) ’s protégé. She began her movie career in the 1950s, playing in both modern and period drama series, as well as Cantonese operas. Her major works includes The Story of Great Heroes (神鵰俠侶) and Bugles of War (戰地笳聲海棠紅). In 1962, Nam Hung and her husband Chor Yuen (楚原) co-founded Rose Motion Picture Company (玫瑰影業公司), and she produced and played the leading role in Black Rose (黑玫瑰) series. From the late 1970s, Nam Hung concentrated on playing in TV drama, and often took part in Cantonese operas.

Nam Hung (南紅), a protégé of the legendary Hung Sin-nui (紅線女), is known as one of the most hard-working actresses in Hong Kong. From theatre stages, silver screens to television, she works earnestly every day. Always grateful with collaboration with numerous counterparts, the co-foundation of Rose Motion Picture Company (玫瑰影業公司)with her husband, the veteran director and actor Chor Yuen (楚原), produced the popular TV series Black Rose (黑玫瑰). Today she never ceases learning to enhance her artistic accomplishment, enjoying her life after retirement.

Chapter 1 – A Star in Rising
Nam Hung (南紅) started her career in Cantonese operas and thrived in movies. Nam Hung’s acting career was guided by her mentor Hung Sin-nui (紅線女), a most inspiring figure whom she is always grateful to have met in her life.

Chapter 2 – Queen of Tragic Role
Portraying tragic characters always serves as a challenge to actors, principally because of the skill required to handle complex emotions, while moving the audience’ heartstrings at the same time. Nam Hung’s remarkable and breathtaking performances in tragic box-office hits like Rose in Tears (含淚的玫瑰),proved that she was an actress who nailed it all.

Chapter 3 – A Rose Blossoms
A blooming yet pricking rose is probably best to use as a representation of Nam Hung’s personality which is both tough and gentle. After establishing Rose Motion Picture Company (玫瑰影業公司) with her husband Chor Yuen (楚原), Nam Hung continued to produce popular works like Spy with My Face (黑玫瑰與黑玫瑰) and eventually built a glittering movie careers together with talents and dedication.

Chapter 4 – A Colourful Life
Nam Hung’s confidence and persistence in her acting careers never fades away. Even though she is now retired from movie and TV screens, she continues to learn new things. With unconditional support from her spouse, Nam Hung lives an enjoyable and colourful life.