Sounds Great “Beautiful Life Series”


Law Lan

About the Protagonist:
Law Lan, born as Lo Yin-ying, starts her career as a temporary actress, before she becomes a contract actress at Lan Kwong Film Company. She plays supporting roles in many films, and is particularly skilled at playing as antagonist and mature woman. She joins the Television Broadcasts Limited in the 70s, participating in Enjoy Yourself Tonight (歡樂今宵) and many TV drama series. In the 90s, she becomes a household name while portraying Lung Poh (龍婆) in many horror films in Hong Kong. In 2000, she wins the Best Actress Award at the Hong Kong Film award for her performance in Bullets over Summer (爆裂刑警).

Throughout her acting career, Law Lan has tasted all sorts of ups and downs. Unintentionally started her career, she now treats acting as her life long career, portraying numerous characters in the past sixty years, such as playing Lung Poh (龍婆) in Thou Shalt Not Swear (七月十四) and Sei Poh (四婆) in Bullets over Summer (爆裂刑警), with the latter winning her the Best Actress Award. Being the evergreen in the industry, Law Lan has remained determined in the roads of acting and religion, living a most splendid life.

Chapter Synopsis:
Chapter 1- First Encounter with Film
Having experienced the hardship during the Japanese occupation of Hong Kong, Law Lan, who has always been frugal and simple, joins the film industry by accident and very soon she is given a character of her own. Career as an actress not only relieves her financial difficulty, but it also leads her to an unusual life.

Chapter 2- Behind the Scene
Actor’s self-cultivation usually comes from their everyday experiences, portraying each character from within. From Law Lan’s acting, we could see how that is fulfilled: always prepared to the full, shaping characters that move the audience’ hearts. Behind the movie screen, Law Lan’s religious belief helps to rinse her mind, which is an indispensable part of her life.

Chapter 3- Shining on Screen
Law Lan joins the Television Broadcasts Limited, polishing her acts in Enjoy Yourself Tonight (歡樂今宵) while accumulating supporters in front of the television. She has also been a popular cast for role as a supernatural medium in Hong Kong horror films. Her performance in Bullets over Summer (爆裂刑警) won her the Best Actress Award in 2000, pushing her career to another peak.

Chapter 4 – An Exceedingly Great life
Having blossomed in the industry for over sixty years, Law Lan treats her career with respect and never complains. Out of work, she spends her time spreading good deeds with friends in the film industry, enjoying every moment of it. As a devoted Catholic, being invited to visit Vatican is an unforgettable experience in her life.